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Kimberley Steeb is the founder of Gemstonian Crystals and the Star Seedz Farm and

Program.She is a meditation and Ashtanga yoga teacher, founder of the blindfolded chakra ceremony called LILA The Godly Play, a holistic life coach, alchemist and spiritual activist, and has created her own method of healing through quantum energy called RECOME that can be partially taken online.

Kimberley found healing, harmony and a path of awakening through spirituality and

Quantum energy. She is a faithful believer that the space in which we cohabit is of the utmost importance to belong, regenerate and find support. Sharing knowledge and awareness, especially in the current times in which life requires transformation in humanity, it’s so important to take the time for the creation of a community that is at the service for the new era to come.

Kim lives in a beautiful farm living with like minded people in the heart of the island

Mallorca where life is given in a sustainable way. The #starseedzfarm is a place where harmony is sought in all senses and well-being is generated. One of the most significant purposes of the Star Seedz Farm is to provide a space where healers can recharge, find support in a community and co-create together in meaningful projects.

On top of the hill In this magical farm surrounded by many loving animals and a

Shungite Honey Bee project, the Star Seedz farm offers individual tailored and group “Now Experiences”. The Now Experiences provide farm to table nourishing food, yoga, breathwork,meditations and special professionals in the field of the mysterious world of magic and quantum energies.

The main intention at the Star Seedz Farm is to promote the creation of high

energetically spaces that allows a community to reach personal fulfillment and therefore a prosperous planet

"Through the intimate connection between people we can achieve the deepest

understanding of the collective consciousness union"

The use of crystals is essential for Kim. Crystals are not only beautiful object, but at

the same time precious and meaningful pieces of art that nature created to reconnect bringing their surroundings into a high-vibrational energy field. Crystals are precious supporters that give you protection and healing benefits. A specific crystal can give you the exact vibrations you need to align to your full potential.

At the farm you will have the opportunity to connect with the power and stunning

beauty of the crystals, and also to buy them for your home to decorate and at the same time charge your place. "The mission of the Star Seedz Farm is to generate an energetic network with people who cross the path of consciousness“

Without a doubt, it is an experience that will make you connect with yourself and

with a community that seeks to provide new opportunities.

Find this magical and special project on Instagram at @gemstoniancrystals

#starseedzfarm To learn more about Kimberley Steed check out her website & social media channels: @kimberleysteeb

You Will Love It Too!

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