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Its energy is intrinsic to all of us, it is similar to sexual energy or creative energy.

Kundalini Yoga, which is also known as the yoga of consciousness, is perhaps one of the least popular forms of yoga today because it is not usually taught in gyms, only in studios that specialize in this practice. It is true that it is also the strangest form of yoga. I like to start my classes always asking if there are new students and, if there are, I usually make the joke that they are open to the unexpected and the weird.

Nothing we practice in a Kundalini Yoga class resembles a sequence that is familiar or known. In fact it has thousands of sets, which are known as Kriyas, thousands of meditations and hundreds of Pranayamas or breathing exercises. Hardly one class will be similar to another and the exercises will be unfamiliar or even lack logic. And this is where the most transformative power of Kundalini Yoga lies.

Having a background as a psychotherapist and Doctor of Letters, my obsession has always been to look for ways that allow us to access the unconscious mind and break patterns that keep us limited or imprisoned in the cage of our own beliefs. Convictions and beliefs are really dangerous, as they limit us to a vital experience of ourselves that deprives us of infinite possibilities to explore ourselves inwardly and, therefore, make life itself the most interesting and exciting journey we can make.

Returning to the practice of Kundalini Yoga, I must say that it fascinates me, among many things because it seems to me the fastest and most effective way to access the unconscious mind and thus initiate a real process of transformation. It allows us to reach, optimally, what the word yoga itself means: reunion, reunion or linking.

Bond and reconnect with what? With the truth of who we are beyond the infinite false beliefs we have about ourselves.

Why in Kundalini Yoga there are no levels?

Having said this and clarified one of the main objectives of Kundalini Yoga, I can better explain why it is impossible for there to be levels in this practice or form of Yoga.

Who can measure the relationship you have with yourself, who can tell you if you are advanced, beginner or intermediate in your ability to dive into yourself and release unconscious patterns? There is no way to measure the level of practice other than in one's own inner and highly personal experience. In fact the only way to know if the practice is working is how much you are living a more fulfilling, entertaining, productive, joyful, creative and abundant life.

Kundalini energy is intrinsic to all of us, it is similar to sexual energy or creative energy. It is your life force, your ability to feel passionate about life.
The practice of Kundalini Yoga should give you a sparkle in your eyes that is ineffable. A glow and a passion for living that the people around you begin to perceive in a subtle and sometimes ineffable way.

There are no levels in Kundalini Yoga but there is the promise that this practice will allow you to make your life an adventure worth living with passion, joy, success and service.

Sat Nam

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