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This practice helps us to expand our capacity to understand the hidden phenomena that shape our behaviors, our relationships and our emotional reactions.

One of the most important works I have done on a personal level is the training in family constellations. I have had the great fortune to learn from great teachers who have taught me one of the fundamental tools in my own path of healing and transformation.

Family constellations, like all therapies or spiritual practices, help us to expand our ability to understand the hidden phenomena that mark our behaviors, our relationships and our emotional reactions.

They allow us to have an x-ray of the unconscious processes that operate within our family system.

In the same way that individual therapy helps you explore the unconscious mechanisms of your personality, family constellations allow you to understand what unconscious patterns have been within your family system, often for generations.

We are the result of the events of our own life but we are also to a large extent the result of the many women and men who have come before us and who have set the codes of conduct, morals, ethics, love, success, money, loyalty, loss, ... in our family system.

We are the repetition of many generations that precede us and, if we are not aware of it, we perpetuate behaviors that prevent us from evolving towards new life experiences.

Relationships with money, love, parents, illness, ... are some of the important aspects to understand through family constellations, since it is precisely in these areas of our lives that are so fundamental, in which we repeat behaviors or messages that we are not aware of and that come from long before.

Everyone can do a family constellation, we all have something, some symptom or circumstance in our life that we feel prevents us from moving forward. Looking, sometimes it can be painful, and many times we are very afraid to discover what is moving in the depths of the family unconscious. However, I believe that it is even more threatening to live always ignorant of what moves us, to believe that things are given just because they are, without stopping to understand that perhaps what hurts us today or makes us uncomfortable comes from much further back.

For me, looking at my family system as it has been, feeling the pain that has been there and also the immense love that has existed, has given me a different strength. A sense of belonging to my family lineage that I have managed to assimilate with love, gratitude and deeply honoring.

Tolstoy said that in every family there is a ghost hidden. And we are afraid to look at it, however, family constellations teach us to do it from love, from the heart, honoring and thanking, because once we can take life as it is, as it has been, the force that is born in us is very great. The force of love is born, the permission of the system to live from consciousness.

Every wound wants to be recognized and in doing so the gift is the infinite life force.

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