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A place that enliven the senses.

Today more than ever we are convinced of the enormous need to create spaces for reflection and practice around consciousness; spaces where each individual can explore their own human potential and develop to the fullest. If we want to see a social change, which is urgent, we must start with each one of us. The collectivity is the sum of individuals. To create a more conscious society, we want to help train more conscious individuals.

That is why we have the best team of professionals, committed, each one from their area and discipline, to serve with their work in favor of human consciousness.

We feel fortunate to be the first school of consciousness in Palma de Mallorca, a city that, due to its long tradition around knowledge and human nature, deserves to have in the heart of the city a School of Consciousness such as Sadhana Works. 

Do not hesitate and come be an active part of a conscious society.


Our Story


A Conscious 
Lifestyle Company

Sadhana Works is a company born from the love and the belief for human potential through commitment we have towards individual and collective growth and wellbeing.

Our mission is to help people reach their highest potential through meditation, conscious lifestyle and individual commitment to live a happy and peaceful life.


The Team

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Founder & CEO


Mariana grew up in Mexico City and has a solid academic background including two master's degrees in psychotherapy and a PhD in Modern Literature with a dissertation on the relationship between Language and Cultural Identity, as well as numerous certifications as a Meditation Instructor, Craniosacral Therapist, Traditional Shamanic Healing Techniques and Master of Kundalini Yoga.
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At the moment she is attending the last year of ostheopathy, the perfect complement to offer a deep individual balance in the class.


Tara says: "I have nothing to teach, but quite a lot to share" and she offers a fluid Yoga session, where you are going to work on all the subtle aspects, and not so subtles.  See you on the mat!


Tara teaches Power Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga.



Magdalena is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Evolutionary Astrologer. 


Magdalena’s classes are focussed on relaxing into your inner stillness and enjoying remembrance of our innate goodness. Every session is a celebration and an honouring of that precious connection we all want to be a part of again. 

Madalena teacher restorative Kundalini Yoga.

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She specializes in teaching children and adolescents.

The practice of yoga in children and adolescents, makes them learn to shine with their talents, breaking with the obstacles of the mind, finding themselves, to achieve the ability to understand their environment and themselves.

Belén teaches Yoga for Kids and Yoga for Teens.



Certified in Bowspring Alignment, an alignment that maintains the naturalness of the body's curves, allowing the body to benefit from every detail and providing: Lightness, Agility and Strength.


A practice of refined sensitivity and strength that enlivens all parts of the body, infusing them with positive awareness.

Belén teacher Bowspring Yoga



Martina is an Experienced-RYT200h Certified by Yoga Alliance and an International Professional Dancer for over 20 years. Founder of “AbunDANCE Light Flow”,  Martina is also specialised in “Energy Tapping Yoga”, a sacred science rooted in neuroscience principles. It emphasizes emotional healing, energy alignment and unity consciousness.
Through a blend of Breath work, EFT, dynamic movements,Quantum Meditation & Dance, Martina empowers her students to release energy blockages, cultivate self-love, trust & Authenticity.


Martina teaches "ENERGY TAPPING YOGA" and "AbunDANCE Light Flow"

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Gianshant  grew up in Caracas and has a solid academic background in the fields of Yogic science, Heart Math, and Kundalini Yoga.

With her profound spiritual wisdom and calming  presence, Gianshant combines ancient wisdom with contemporary spirituality to facilitate a deep personal experience.

Gianshant  teaches Kundalini Yoga.

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She grew up in South Africa and has journeyed through make-up artistry, photography, permaculture and the Yacht industry. With certifications in the fields of Health Coaching and Kundalini Yoga.

With the highest and most heartfelt consciousness, Priya serves as a guide to organic transformation by creating healing space for you to tap into your own internal wisdom, allowing change to naturally unfold. 

Priya Monika teaches Kundalini Yoga and 1:1 Health Coaching Sessions.

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Sidney, known professionally as "Haywoode", is a seasoned vocalist with a passion for guiding others on their journey of self-expression through singing.


With decades of experience in the music industry, Haywoode brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the realm of vocal coaching dedicated to helping others discover and enjoy their unique voice.

Sidney teaches Awaken Your Voice.


Our Community


Gracias a la práctica de Kundalini Yoga y gracias Mariana Salinas por enseñarme desde un lugar muy honesto, muy terrenal, muy químico, muy físico a crearme instantes de mi felicidad.

Daniela Rojas Mont


La práctica de Kundalini me ha cambiado la vida, me ayudo y me ayuda a liberarme de emociones que se encuentran muchas veces estancadas en mi interior, el ir liberandome de estas me ha ayudado a ser disciplina cosa que no es fácil en una mujer neurótica como yo. 

Nancy Muñiz Ramirez 


Calm and stillness have become part of my inner world. I feel much more grounded and can cope with demanding and stressful situation much better even though it’s been one of the most difficult years of my business life. 


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