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A Conscious 

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Sadhana Works is a company born from the love and the belief for human potential through commitment we have towards individual and collective growth and wellbeing.

Our mission is to help people reach their biggest potential throughout meditation, conscious lifestyle and individual commitment to live a happy and peaceful life.


Founder & CEO

Mariana Salinas

Mariana grew up in Mexico City and has a solid academic background including two master's degrees in psychotherapy and a PhD in Modern Literature with a dissertation on the relationship between Language and Cultural Identity, as well as numerous certifications as a Meditation Instructor, Craniosacral Therapist, Traditional Shamanic Healing Techniques and Master of Kundalini Yoga.


Expert in yoga and meditation, author and spiritual coach.
With her you can practice Bow Flow, in addition to being the teacher of the 200h courses of Yoga Instructors and Advanced Yoga Studies.


She was born in Germany, a multistyle and intensive Yoga teacher, mainly teaching Vinyasa Flow classes, with focus on strength, balance and core stability.
She combines breathing and movement, the spiritual and physical practice, helping the students to get anchored within body, mind and heart.


She specializes in teaching children and adolescents.
Passionate about her tools, what helped her and helps her transform mental obstacles in a more harmonious way, seeing in a positive way what life gives us.
The practice of yoga in children and adolescents, makes them learn to shine with their talents, breaking with the obstacles of the mind, finding themselves, to achieve the ability to understand their environment and themselves.


He came to Mallorca 4 years ago to give us his wisdom; Constant traveler lived 8 months with indigenous people in the Amazon, from them he learned the true simplicity of life.
He has been a Hatha and Vinyasa instructor for over 7 years, and is famous for his fire rituals and 108 solstice sun salutations.
His classes are focused on self-knowledge through practical instruction and philosophy.

Practitioner for more than 13 years and 7 as an instructor, training in the Free Course of Specialized Instructors in Vinyasa Yoga by the Aruna School.
He participated in the Preparatory Course for Yoga Instructors by the Ishka Yoga School - Cali - Colombia, where he lived for three months with practices every day, in addition to learning permaculture techniques, participating in Kotzi rituals (the Mayan fire ceremony), and temazcal.


Recently certified in Bowspring Alignment, an alignment that maintains the naturalness of the body's curves, allowing the body to benefit from every detail and providing: Lightness, Agility and Strength.
A practice where the jumps are part, the spirals, the balances and postures that surprise oneself. The Bowspring alignment is an open posture that allows optimal flow of life force and psycho-emotional energy throughout the body-mind.
It is a dynamic practice, with a vitalizing presence.
A practice of refined sensitivity and strength that enlivens all parts of the body, infusing them with positive awareness



She is originally from Spain but lived in London for many years. She´s humanitarian, creative and loves to learn and share that with others.
Lally’s classes are part of an integral Yoga with focus on bringing body, mind and soul together. Her teachings offers a mental and spiritual experience.
Her classes are a mixed of conscious movement, breath work, yogic philosophy for modern days and personal development encouragement.


Shanti’s 20+ years of yoga, 10+ years of training in massage therapy and other bodywork modalities as well as the class’ slower pace make it ideally suited for those seeking a more meditative practice, a deeper understanding of their body, healing from injury and trauma, or anyone curious about how to adapt poses to meet their specific needs. 
Shanti was born to a life of yoga, into a family who spends half the year on meditative retreat in India, and she continues to spend several months a year on retreat to this day. Shanti’s passion for distilling complex concepts into simple, tangible experiences makes her classes accessible to all levels of practitioners.


Oliver Indri

Oliver Indri is an instructor certified by the Spanish Association of Qigong for Health (AEQS) and Daoyin Yangsheng Gong.
More than 15 years of experience in body arts for health.
Graduated in Art History from the University of Bologna, he is a plastic artist and distiller of essential oils.

Chikung is a technique that improves the cardiovascular and immune system. At the neuronal level, it produces positive changes in different areas of the brain that favor attention and emotional regulation.


Acharya Premananda (Premiji) has for more than 50 years practiced a form of meditation he learned from his teacher Swami Rudrananda (Rudi). It is a practice that focuses on releasing tension and allowing the creative energy to flow. He has taught the practice for many years while guiding students primarily from the US and Europe in their transformation process.

Premiji has written the books "Why Not Open Your Eyes", "Freedom from the Web of Karma", "Poems to the Bliss of Awareness" and most recently “Journey into the Heart of Being”. The books are available on

He has a Doctorate Degree in Education, with focus and was for five years professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA. He has also worked for many years as a consultant and trainer in industry, focusing on creativity, team building and improvement methods. 

Premiji was a student of Swami Rudrananda (Rudi) in New York City in the early seventies. After that, he studied and practiced for many years in an ashram established by his teacher in the USA. 

He has also studied Kashmir Shaivism and other Indian traditions. For a number of years, Premiji studied Tibetan Buddhist practices with Wangdu Lama Rimpoche, who runs a temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. Currently, he and his wife and partner Deviji runs a retreat center in Buger, Mallorca.


Acharya Shambhavi Devi (Deviji) has practiced yoga and meditation since an early age and has gone through extensive training. In a period of working in a very demanding and stressful job as a Creative Director in various Agencys in Switzerland, she felt the need to work more deeply on her inner life, and she went to South-East-Asia to continue her yoga training. She studied with various teachers on Bali and realised that she wanted to be a yoga teacher. 

When she returned to Switzerland, she entered teacher training in the Sivananda tradition.  Already a completely dedicated Yoga & Meditation teacher, she met Acharya Premananda on a Meditation Retreat in the mountains of Switzerland. The meeting introduced her to the Rising Energy practice and teaching. After many years of practicing and teaching Yoga she developed her own unique style with focus on the deeper consciousness at the core of our being.

After receiving a Thai Yoga Massage she felt that becoming a Massage therapist in this tradition would compliment her yoga and meditation teaching and expand her offering to people. The approach she learned and was certified in by the well known Thai Yoga Massage teacher Takis from Greece, Sunshinehouse, focuses on the deepest self healing energy of the individual.

For a long time she had a deep wish to study Craniosacral Therapy because some treatments she received in Switzerland showed her that it was very closely related to the deep transformative meditation work she had been doing for many years. Auspiciously, she encountered one of the foremost practitioner and teachers of this work, Howard Evans and began intense training with him. Evans has been trained by and has worked with the best known and highly recognized teachers in the field: Franklin Sills, Michael Shea, Helen Davies, John Rowan, Dr. Brenda Davies and others. To deepen her expertise she continued training at the school for Craniosacral healing with the well known Ramraj Ullrich Loewe. He is also the author of several books on the topic. By now she has many years of practice as a Craniosacral practitioner.


Rubén is a yogi focused on the development of human potential. Certified by the International Yoga Federation, specializing in Rocket Yoga, one of the most dynamic styles of yoga, Rocket develops the most creative and rebellious side of the practice from a current perspective. The classes are very dynamic and 'level friendly', they include balancing postures and inversions offering different variants to keep students of any level motivated and challenged. Rocket Yoga has its roots in Ashtanga Yoga incorporating its wisdom on alignment and adjustment of asanas, pranayama and philosophy but with a flexible and modern approach.

Rubén is also a certified Coach by 'The Coaches Training Institute', London, which allows him to incorporate Western knowledge about personal development into Eastern Yogic philosophy. Rubén's goal is for his students to train body and mind to develop their human potential.

Sangeet Joti

Sangeet Joti Kaur is a devoted yogini, space alchemist and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher. She puts her absolute devotion and heart while teaching, offering a safe space for students to connect and grow.

Her passion and purpose in life is to serve the evolution and liberation of the Being; Awakening the Love, the Light and the Joy of being alive in people's hearts.

Her classes focus on breath, alignment and connection to the Self using dance and music as great allies to elevate the body, mind and spirit.

With a deep appreciation of Mother Earth and stillness, she'd be thankful if woken up during the early hours to catch the stars, meditate or dance in nature! :)

*Kundalini Yoga has completely transformed her life, it ignited the deep joy of being alive, the strenght and will power to navigate and Shine when challenged and the tools to thrive in this life, living a more fulfilling life. It is her biggest passion and it is her deepest desire that the magic of Kundalini Yoga touches and awakens as many hearts as possible.


Our Community


Gracias a la práctica de Kundalini Yoga y gracias Mariana Salinas por enseñarme desde un lugar muy honesto, muy terrenal, muy químico, muy físico a crearme instantes de mi felicidad.

Daniela Rojas Mont


La práctica de Kundalini me ha cambiado la vida, me ayudo y me ayuda a liberarme de emociones que se encuentran muchas veces estancadas en mi interior, el ir liberandome de estas me ha ayudado a ser disciplina cosa que no es fácil en una mujer neurótica como yo. 

Nancy Muñiz Ramirez 


Calm and stillness have become part of my inner world. I feel much more grounded and can cope with demanding and stressful situation much better even though it’s been one of the most difficult years of my business life. 



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