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Our Story


A Conscious 
Lifestyle Company

Sadhana Works is a company born from the love and the belief for human potential through commitment we have towards individual and collective growth and wellbeing.

Our mission is to help people reach their biggest potential throughout meditation, conscious lifestyle and individual commitment to live a happy and peaceful life.

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Founder & CEO

Mariana Salinas - Dr. Harpreet

Mariana grew up in Mexico City and has a solid academic background including two master's degrees in psychotherapy and a PhD in Modern Literature with a dissertation on the relationship between Language and Cultural Identity, as well as numerous certifications as a Meditation Instructor, Craniosacral Therapist, Traditional Shamanic Healing Techniques and Master of Kundalini Yoga.
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With more than 20 years of experience Margarita Karget teaches Biodanza classes, a system that through simple movements and wonderful music touches the heart without hurting it.
As it is an experiential experience, it can only be understood and felt by experiencing it.


She specializes in teaching children and adolescents.
Passionate about her tools, what helped her and helps her transform mental obstacles in a more harmonious way, seeing in a positive way what life gives us.
The practice of yoga in children and adolescents, makes them learn to shine with their talents, breaking with the obstacles of the mind, finding themselves, to achieve the ability to understand their environment and themselves.
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Having completed trainings in Multi-style Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga and Restorative, Lally has a great interest in Science, Meditation, Mindfulness, Pranayama, Ayurveda and Holistic Psychology.
Lally likes to incorporate a mix of these topics into her classes, workshops and courses. She likes to bring the West and East techniques together in her teachings. 
Lally teaches Vinyasa Flow based and Restorative Yoga with emphasis on the observation of sensations in the body and mind. She believe very much in the importance of practicing dynamic YANG and slow YIN meditative Yoga to cultivate the all round physical, spiritual, energetic and mental balance
Her teachings focus on the expansion of consciousness through spiritual growth and personal development.
In her classes we practice conscious movement, chanting, meditation, somatic techniques and breath work. 


Recently certified in Bowspring Alignment, an alignment that maintains the naturalness of the body's curves, allowing the body to benefit from every detail and providing: Lightness, Agility and Strength.
A practice where the jumps are part, the spirals, the balances and postures that surprise oneself. The Bowspring alignment is an open posture that allows optimal flow of life force and psycho-emotional energy throughout the body-mind.
It is a dynamic practice, with a vitalizing presence.
A practice of refined sensitivity and strength that enlivens all parts of the body, infusing them with positive awareness



Artist, dancer, teacher of body languages and energetic disciplines, movement activator. Accompanying creative processes of artists and people in their personal and creative development. Accompanying women in the reencounter of the cyclical feminine nature. Choreographer, dancer and visual artist. Floral therapist.
Graduate in Dramatic Art. Trained in Contemporary Dance. Master in documentary film and Society. Practitioner of the Conscious System for Movement Technique/Aberastury Method with Feli Estevez. Trained and accredited as a Flower Therapist with Carmen Romanelli's Essential Unity Method, Triunidad® Essences.
She promotes the investigation and practice of the body as a resource for creation and health, through group and individual sessions of ECC movement (Body Consciousness Training), where each person finds their paths to the amplitude of their consciousness and vital and creative potentials.


Jeanne, better known as Amrit in her classes, has been practicing, studying, and teaching Hatha and Kundalini yoga since 1970!
Continually seeking to enrich her practice and her knowledge to then share it with her students. She has also completed studies in ayurvedic healing, energy healing, sound healing, naturopathic techniques, nutrition, and more.
She is honored and grateful to share all her experience and knowledge with students and friends.
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María, having practiced yoga for 9 years, her journey had ups and downs. She decided to identify with "yoga en la mochila" because she was traveling and doing yoga wherever she went and it was 3 years ago that she decided she wanted to be a full-time yoga teacher. 
After buying a plane ticket and quitting his office job, he had a pretty bad accident. She spent 2 months without walking .Yoga accompanied her in one way or another throughout the process. It was also a blow of humility and taught him to honor his body in another way. 
Today she teaches yoga with passion (especially Vinyasa, since she considers that it can be adjusted to all types of bodies and minds), so that it also accompanies more people in the world on the journey through life. 
María belivs that yoga can make our interior and society a better place.


At the moment she is attending the last year of ostheopathy, the perfect complement to offer a deep individual balance in the class.

Tara says: "I have nothing to teach, but quite a lot to share" and she offers a fluid Yoga session, where you are going to work on all the subtle aspects, and not so subtles.  See you on the mat!

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Sidney Haywoode

British Singer & Entertainer known as “Haywoode” was inspired to live a creative life by her Father “Don Haywoode” a founding member of The American  Doo Wop Group “The Velours’ and Soul group ‘The Fantastics”
As a child she studied  music, singing, dance and acting at London’s Corona Stage Academy and built a strong  resume encompassing Stage, TV & Theater work.
Signing a record deal with Sony CBS records in the 1980’s she recorded her first album ‘Arrival”  from which her hit single ‘Roses’ was released generating  worldwide success including reaching #11 on the UK Pop Charts.
As a practicing Buddhist, Sidney is delighted to serve the community at  Sadhana Works  “The School of Consciousness”.  Sharing her extensive experience to help her students break through inner blocks to form a new healthy relationship with their own voices.
Utilizing her Dad’s teaching method and advice - “If you can talk, you can sing, everyone can be taught to sing if they are dedicated to do so.” Haywoode teaches her “Find Your Voice Heal Your Life” program.
Through singing and  dancing she enables her students to gain confidence by focusing on breaking through inner blocks then strengthening and healing  the relationship with the voice and body thereby  achieving self  loving,free flowing  joyful expression.



Our Community


Gracias a la práctica de Kundalini Yoga y gracias Mariana Salinas por enseñarme desde un lugar muy honesto, muy terrenal, muy químico, muy físico a crearme instantes de mi felicidad.

Daniela Rojas Mont


La práctica de Kundalini me ha cambiado la vida, me ayudo y me ayuda a liberarme de emociones que se encuentran muchas veces estancadas en mi interior, el ir liberandome de estas me ha ayudado a ser disciplina cosa que no es fácil en una mujer neurótica como yo. 

Nancy Muñiz Ramirez 


Calm and stillness have become part of my inner world. I feel much more grounded and can cope with demanding and stressful situation much better even though it’s been one of the most difficult years of my business life. 


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