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Passionate woman about her work, who seeks to expand the knowledge of human nature and the development of its potential. Degree in Theoretical Physics and PhD in Medicine - Neuroscience - from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). Master in Mathematics applied to biology and Master in Neurosciences from the Faculty of Medicine of the UAM, head scientist at Sadhana Works.

Today science is a great and important ally of yoga, energy practices and meditation. Thanks to what we can prove scientifically, we can give even more validity to what teachers and philosophers already said throughout history. When we integrate science to our practice we can understand in greater depth the benefits of incorporating the tools of meditation and yoga into our lives, which awakens commitment and motivation.

Nazareth is a great teacher, who with her vast knowledge and passion for the subject, brings us closer to wonderful information that exists to know our mind - brain and body from a humanistic approach with the aim of creating self-knowledge and providing tools that allow emotional - physical and mental health.

At Sadhana Works, she has helped us to understand in greater depth the effects on the body and mind of the practice of Kundalini yoga through body posture, mudras, mantras and meditation.

We invite you to learn more about Nazareth on her social networks and website: Nazareth Castellanos – Cursos de Neurociencia

We leave you the link to our Youtube page of our program CONSCIOUS NET where you will find fascinating videos and interviews with her explanations:

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