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Meet Lorena, Ayurveda therapist and yoga teacher. With a long path of studies and experiences, She has found in Ayurveda and yoga an holistic and integral way to live aligned with her life purpose, aware of the importance of having a healthy life that gives you the energy to enjoy and experience the now.

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine of India with more than five thousand years in practice. Today the West has paid greater attention to this medicine, recognizing its value and seeking more holistic ways to promote and prevent health. In Ayurveda different treatments are used such as massages, meditation, yoga, spiritual practices and with special importance food. Our diet and food selection has great importance in the energy of our body, our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The care of the digestive system is indispensable since it is also the way in which we digest life, emotions and challenges.

Ayurveda seeks an optimal state of health that allows the human being to find his Dharma, align himself with the purpose of his existence and be able to fulfill the highest desires, which is why also maintaining a spiritual path is of utmost importance within this science.

Lorena will help you find the cause of your symptoms and do a deeper healing job. She conducts an examination of your composition to give you a personalized diet, a specific eating plan. Likewise, it provides breathing, meditation and physical exercises with the purpose of integrating new habits into your life that allow you to have a better connection with yourself, stay focused and be in tune with life. Subsequently, it carries out follow-up sessions to accompany you in the process.

She also uses massage and oils as part of therapy. Abhyanga massage is one of the most important and beneficial massages of traditional Ayurveda medicine. It helps reduce stress and chronic fatigue, providing strength to the mind and body. The use of oils helps the detoxification of the body; the hot oil penetrates the body and blood which allows the release of toxins, eliminates impurities and nourishes the body.

With Lorena you will find a new way to understand and take care of your health. Integrating all the elements of this traditional medicine with years of wisdom, to find your maximum level of vitality and energy that allows you to fulfill the mission of your life and enjoy the present moment. Find this wonderful project on her social networks and website: Ayurveda & Yoga Palma de Mallorca ( Ayurveda & Yoga Palma-Mallorca (@ayuyogapalma)

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