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The importance of taking care of ourselves.

We carry a lot, it is in our nature to be givers and to take care of others.

Last week I had the great fortune to lead a retreat for more than 40 women at the heavenly Aumallia Hotel in Mallorca. It was conducted by my teacher and friend Gurmukh and myself. She is really admirable since she has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since she was 26 years old and at 82 years old she is still teaching all over the world. Kundalini Yoga is a tool that all women over 40 should use.

Women carry a lot, it is in our nature to be givers and to take care of others. It is in our nature to multitask and manage many leads at the same time. We are like that and we are capable of doing it, however it is also true that women need to take much better care of ourselves. Most of us don't know how to do it and we go along with the day to day, without understanding that for everything to work in the best way the most important thing is to take care of ourselves.

At the retreat there were women from many different parts of the world: Australia, Japan, Mexico, the United States and different countries in Europe. Women from very diverse backgrounds and all between the ages of 30 and 65. It would seem that there is little in common among so much diversity, yet one of the greatest gifts of this experience is to realize how similar we women are in our essential needs.

It is true that personalities and interests vary greatly, but the common denominator of all of us was two: the importance of taking care of ourselves, of nurturing our passions and of clearly finding a meaning in life beyond our own responsibilities in everyday life.

Being women is undoubtedly a sophisticated task and at the same time an immense gift. I never tire of saying that it is we women who will be able to offer new ways of sharing wealth, of taking care of each other, of being responsible with the Earth. Women, by nature, are designed to take care of the environment because we instinctively know that the survival of our children depends on it. I am not saying that men do not know how to do it, what I want to point out is the importance of women in the current state of the planet and therefore the urgency for more women to take on leadership roles.

This is important for all of us to learn and practice: We women are extremely powerful in transforming our environments if we work as a team, if we create communities, if we help each other,.... The toxic feminine is the one who tends to seek profit or attention only for herself, this does not contribute to the urgency that the world demands. More than ever, women who gather in conscious communities and who are able not to compete but on the contrary to support and push our sisters in their talents, then we will heal the long wounds imposed by the imperative way of life of the last centuries that has sought to make women compete with each other.

The collective healing of the feminine on a planetary level begins in the ability of all of us to embrace the feminine in ourselves and in those around us and to allow and support the many many wonderful women to showcase and share their talents.

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