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Our first affective relationships determine the values that we will or will not be able to experience in our adult life

The famous phrase 'childhood is destiny' points out that our childhood marks the tendencies that we will continue to repeat throughout our lives. Our first affective relationships, mainly with our parents, determine the values that we will or will not be able to experience in our adult life. It is in childhood that we weave the finer webs of our character.

When as children we lived the separation from our parents and experienced that first breakup, something inside us is also marked by the mourning of the loss. Painful events, fathers or mothers unable to express affection, illnesses, the loss of loved ones, moving from our countries... All these circumstances create patterns of affective behavior in our way of being that will later determine our relationships and therefore our life, our path. We will forge our destiny from the experience of these experiences.

We will forge our destiny from the experiences we lived as children. | Chuotanhls (Pixabay)

Therefore, childhood is destiny, which intrinsically implies that everything you have lived in childhood will be what mostly determines the life you will have. However, from the spiritual practice or transcendental psychology or any inner work you decide to do, can offer you a new freedom. The freedom that comes from taking responsibility for ourselves, for our wounds, traumas, pains, losses and begin to work on them.

Once we begin the inner work, we have the possibility of reducing the sentence that everything we have lived has to determine our future. Working on ourselves lightens the weight of the past and allows new horizons of expression of who we are and who we want to become.

The inner work is what eventually leads us to our Dharma.

The Dharma is the particular expression of your own soul, it is the unique and unrepeatable being that you are and that has a very particular way of expressing who you are and what you have come to give to the world.

Ultimately this is actually the most relevant purpose of any inner path. Our childhood determines who we are, the inner work we do allows us to lighten the burden of that past to find new forms of expression and at an even deeper state is the recognition of the Dharma. What have I come to bring to the world? How can I serve others?

Once we have begun the personal work, once we have been releasing the layers of pain, of fear, of anguish... then there begins to be enough inner space for the Dharma-the Gift to reveal itself. And to live serving the Dharma, the Gift, is the most luminous existence to which we can aspire, because then we are resonating from the truth of our heart, from the nature of our soul and from there we can help other people.

Let us not be conformists, let us not defeat ourselves in the face of the events of life; in us there is an immense creative capacity that brings us closer to the truth of what we are and what we come to give to the world. It begins today and continues tomorrow. Start by recognizing all that you are not, attending a therapy always helps in those first steps, practicing Kundalini Yoga, participating in therapies such as Family Constellations .... There are many tools you can use to begin that path.

I hope you start and continue and find the freedom that gives us to dedicate our life to the service of the nature of our soul cousin, far beyond the constraints of what we lived in childhood. Once you have made this path, you will be able to feel like a child again, who from the innocence and joy of the present shares the nature of his or her own being.

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