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Why practice Yoga?

The word Yoga comes from the verb to bind, to re-unite. The ultimate goal of Yoga is the reunification of the individual Being with the Whole. Union your finite consciousness with your infinite consciousness in the here and now.

Yoga allows us little by little to consolidate the inner certainty that everything that we live in time and space is temporary and that what remains, what transcends everyday events, is that consciousness of unity and totality.

It is said easy, although it would seem that reaching it is a goal reserved for a few “chosen ones”. However, all human beings are anatomically designed for this experience of Unity. In us there is a biological disposition that allows us to have the experience of reality, beyond appearance or Maya. Yoga is the tool to activate in our system said Biology of encounter with our true Being.

The literature on the subject is infinite and much of it is ancestral, anyone who is

interested can today access the deep knowledge of this human discipline and find

infinite references and tools.

Paths within Yoga there are many and all paths are valid if they "lead to Rome", that is, it does not matter which current you decide to practice as long as you do it with love, commitment, patience and discipline.

Activating the Biology of Encounter, as I have called it without being a science, requires perseverance. It is difficult for the deep understanding of Truth and Unity to happen from one day to the next despite the fact that there are testimonies throughout history of events of immediate “illumination”; events that ignite in the Being all the elements necessary for the awakening of consciousness in one fell swoop. This is rare and for most of us, this is a path of devotion and a lot of perseverance, of going up and down, of gathering oneself with love and tolerance and above all, of understanding that the extraordinary thing is the journey, the experience and that perhaps on that journey, one day, without knowing how or when the miracle of Communion happens, even if it only lasts for a moment, all the hours of practice have been worth it.

Sat nam

With love

Dr. Mariana Salinas

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