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Sebastian Cabral a musician, singing teacher and voice coach. For the last ten years he has been immersed in the world of chanting, meditation and healing, studying different techniques in India and Argentina integrating his passion for chanting and awareness techniques. Along the way he found that the voice is the sense of expression in the world about what you think and what happens in you, being the purest form of transmission and projection.

This is why he began to teach workshops, training, courses and therapies focusing on the discovery and work of the voice. He works with different tools such as the chanting of mantras, sound healing, shamanism, mindfulness, meditations, and non-violent communication. As well as the songs of India and the yoga of silence that produce different therapeutic effects, calm and balance the mind, generating a balance in the hemispheres of the brain to find harmony and openness of the heart. The set of these tools manage to give you the manifestation of your creativity and your being to deliver your passion and service to the world.

In his work he seeks self-knowledge, personal discovery and self-expression. With it you will find the opportunity to express yourself from vital creativity and a space for your most honest expression to appear.

During the month of June, July and September there will be a workshop on Indian songs that will allow you to awaken the connection with your divinity, raise your voice and listen to yourself on a new level, invoke personal strengths, singing techniques and a deep knowledge about the music of India and the power of mantras.

Don't miss the opportunity to find a way through your voice and awareness! Find all the information on their social networks and website: IG: @sebastiancabral_ok

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