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We present Blissful Bastards, a brand from the island that arrives with the desire to change paradigms. With a firm purpose, to unite health and indulgence to enjoy both simultaneously, its first line of Nutoria products is falling in love with palates around the world. The secret? Replace the oats present in the granola of a lifetime with laminated tigernuts and create a superfood with 70% nuts, spice it with exquisite "savoir faire" and take it to the point of crunch that puts goosebumps.

Nutoria arises from finding in nutrition an ally, after years of efforts and meticulousness to find the cure to psoriasis. It was through the personal experience of its creator, looking for alternatives on products that did not fit his needs, that he came to an answer with this original mixture of ingredients. Less is more, one of the company's values,minimize the amount of ingredients and let each ingredient shine, express its essence and potential.

The tigernut with nuts have the same chemistry that Hendrix had with his guitar,

rock'n'roll baby!A perfect combo for your intestine, with a high percentage of insoluble fiber, digestive enzymes and resistant starch, so that your digestion and stomach well-being dance in peace.

Nutoria is an oasis of vegetable protein, gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, paleo and

compatible with AIP diet. But above all, an unparalleled flavor and crunch that only an inveterate foodie is able to achieve. With its three flavors, cocoa with ginger, vanilla chai and turmeric, we assure you that you will not know which one to stay.

Blissful Bastards is on sale at different points on the island, Ibiza and peninsula. You

can find your nearest point of sale on their website. You can also visit them in their

workshop in C / Caro 15 de Palma. Are you a retailer and want Nutoria in your store? Enter Faire or Ankorstore and also get incredible discounts.

The Fathers of the OMG are here! Find them on your website and social networks: / IG: @blissfulbastards

You Will Love Them Too!

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