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Nano Coffee Lab, a coffee shop in the heart of Palma. There you will find Belén and Luciano who run the place and welcome you with special warmth, making you feel at home.

The idea of Nano arises from its passion for coffee and the desire to create a space that provides an experience around it, where people seek to return for their drinks, making sure to offer the best quality and guarantee a unique flavor.

For Luciano and Belén the coffee journey is of the utmost importance and they make sure that their product has a conscious, organic and fair labor production. They offer coffee from different parts of the world that is wrought in different toasters that perform a direct work.

This way they ensure that the production has social responsibility for those who are

responsible for working with the grain and that it is a care work so that the coffee is of the best quality. At Nano you'll find delicious pastries and healthy snacks made with natural ingredients and vegan options.

They also have different organic products, such as different brands of teas with local ingredients that are produced on the island. It is a place that seeks to share and promote well-being through different flavors, always taking into account health and conscious production.

Don ́t miss the opportunity to have a magnificent coffee and meet Luciano and Belen who welcome you with their passion and warmth. Find them in the center of Palma and their social networks:

You will love them too!

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