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Mama Carmen's is an emblematic coffee shop, at least for the Sadhana Works team. Located in the charming neighborhood of Santa Catalina, without doubt it is one of our favorite places and we tell you why.

There are many food options to conquer all types of palate. They have a wide variety of vegan options such as: toast with hummus and avocado, sweet toast and biscuits. And an extensive menu of healthy food without losing a delicious flavor, from smoothies, bowls, toast and a unique pastry to satisfy all tastes.

Our favorites are more protein: toast with egg and avocado, or with artisan sheep cheese and extraordinary banana bread.

Both the place and its tables outside under the trees are very pleasant to go not only to have a delight to the palate but to enjoy an atmosphere in a cozy neighborhood of Palma. They use the best raw material to prepare dishes that not only surprise for their taste but also for their presentation. Everything is delicious and super healthy! They do it with so much love and so beautiful that it nourishes body and spirit.

Really what differentiates this place from others is the perfect combination between good atmosphere, healthy and pleasant.

If you think it's too good to be true, visit their instagram: @mamacarmencoffeebakery

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