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Katja Schumacher, shaman and healer who seeks to help people feel freer and connect with their true dreams. She began the shamanic journey 26 years ago in Hawaii with a shaman from Peru who allowed her to discover the subtle world of energy and healing. From that moment on, the coincidences of life led her to dedicate herself to healing through different tools that she learned along the way.

With her you will find shamanic healings. They are individual sessions that help, through energy cleansing, rituals, breathing exercises and shamanic massages, to release everything that no longer belongs to you, patterns of thought and emotion, contracts of your ancestors and yours of this or other lives. She works moving and cleaning energy to connect with the flow of life and recognize what your blockages are so you can open space for new opportunities that align you with life's purpose.

She also performs ceremonies that generate community and transformation. It works with cocoa, which works directly in the brain with the neurotransmitters of dopamine and serotonin that are linked to happiness and well-being. Cocoa makes us happy, reduces stress, strengthens our concentration and creativity, helps the body heal, detoxifies and boosts our immune system. Likewise, it performs full moon and fire ceremonies to leave aside thoughts, emotions and patterns that no longer serve us to open space to new opportunities, opening the heart and generating harmony.

You will love her too! Don't miss the opportunity to get to know Katja's work, open your heart and let go of the blockages of the past. You can schedule an appointment through their social networks:

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