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Tamara K. Lloyd-Cox, also known as Coconut Tam is an artist who develops her career in different fields: painting, illustration and fashion.

Born on the island of Mallorca in 1991, she has grown up very connected to nature

and the sea. Since she was a child she has been able to reflect her own personal universe with elements loaded with symbolism, wild animals, plants, through which the artist reveals her different moods, her fears, frustrations, illusions or desires, as if you were dealing with a diary. In her work she reflects a strong influence of her Asian roots through symbology, vibrant colors and exotic paradises.

Tamara was very clear that she wanted to dedicate herself to the world of fashion

and in 2020 she decided to launch her own personal project, the cocowear, which allowed him to unite his two strong passions art and textile that was born as a need for artistic expression where his multicolored creations become pieces of clothing.

The Cocowear is a clothing brand that bets on slow-fashion, produces timeless

garments, without following calendars imposed by the fashion industry. Everything is

produced in Mallorca and Madrid, they are limited, ethical and made from organic materials.

Don't miss out on this unique art proposal, visit their social media:

You Will Love Her Too!

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