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ARTIFACTS 4 GOOD LIVING is a brand that makes much more than just jewelry.

For several years, in ancient traditions of the East, they have used geometric figures in the form of mandalas to evoke and stimulate aspects of the universe that allow the transformation of the human being.

Based on this knowledge and inspired by the teachings of Guru Dev Singh, in ARTIFACT 4 GOOD LIVING they create handcrafted pieces of silver and gold to unlock and activate your inner power.

Each amulet is unique and handmade, forged by fire with a mandala engraved in the heart of each piece.

The amulets fall into three categories:

  • Mind: designed to promote and help the different facets of the mind.

  • Body: designed to promote and help the different challenging aspects of our physical body.

  • Soul: designed to promote and help the different subtleties of the soul.

You have the opportunity to design your own piece by choosing the design and function you need to align and find the power within you.

ARTIFACTS 4 GOOD LIVING offers an astrological reading that will allow you to know your path better and discover which is the perfect amulet for you.

On their website and social networks you can see some of their beautiful creations and learn more about this magical project:

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