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Diego - Amkra, healer who uses different techniques to help people unlock energy and restore balance on different planes of existence.

Since childhood he has been close to the subtle world of energy and music. He began the path of energy therapy fourteen years ago where he met shamanic culture and reiki; from that moment he began a spiritual path and ended up in Brazil knowing the African religion, the esoteric world, the magnified healing and the healing of the earth.

With the encounter of these tools he began an energetic journey creating his own healing system to give people the opportunity to gain an energetic experience through sound with Tibetan bowls and other instruments of resonance and vibration; and the transmission of energy with hands, sahumerios and infusion herbs.

With his technique he seeks to sensitize, awaken, reinstall and connect the nervous system, controlling energy, harmonizing the body to find balance and release blockages.

He is currently in Mallorca offering individual and group sessions where he uses sound healing and reiki for the release of energy, harmonizing the physical, emotional and mental body. It also organizes group meditations, "sound forests", with soundscape sessions in contact with nature in different places on the island. He collaborates in different yoga studios offering sound baths and with music he performs kirtan.

Don't miss the opportunity to have a moment of relaxation and healing through the energy and power of music!

Find Diego-Amkra on his social networks:

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