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If you want to know who you are, you must start by seeing what you are manifesting around you, especially when it comes to relationships or conflicts.

There is a truth that we almost never like to hear, and that is that we are responsible for the conflicts we have in our lives. Perhaps while you are reading this you feel extremely offended because you cannot conceive of assuming that absolutely every conflictive situation is our responsibility. Learning this lesson has been one of the hardest and most enriching lessons of my life.

Taking responsibility for each relationship and each conflict has allowed me to humbly learn to honestly recognize myself in each situation. What part of me is becoming evident in this conflict? What part of me is manifested through this relationship? These are two questions that you can start asking yourself in each of the situations that make you uncomfortable or in each of the relationships that represent a challenge or conflict.

Looking at ourselves in the mirror of adversity or of another is always uncomfortable and, however, it is in that honest look at ourselves that we can achieve a deep and real experience of growth and transformation.

The most relevant thing about this honest and brave exercise is the gift of freedom it gives us. You know why? Because freedom lies in the depth of the phrase: "the truth will set you free." The truth is that each of the situations we face are a mirror, a reflection of our conscience.

If you want to know who you are, you must start by seeing what you are manifesting around you, especially when it comes to relationships or conflicts. Looking at ourselves in success, in praise, in the things that give us satisfaction, is undoubtedly gratifying, but learning from the shadow comes from knowing how to look at our darkest parts, and knowing how to recognize ourselves with humility and sincerity.

I understand that it continues to bother you, as you continue reading these words, but I insist; Freedom is in the truth , and the truth is that every relationship or conflict is a mirror of who we ourselves are.

Starting from the premise that everything we see in front of us is nothing more than an extension of the projection of the unconscious mind and our state of consciousness and vibration, we can also take responsibility and begin to change the things we do not want to experience.

And this is where this exercise appears that I want to invite you to practice today, and that instead of continuing to point, blame and victimize yourself, you take responsibility and allow yourself this new experience of conflict resolution.

Let's say that person The exercise you are going to do is that every time you are in front of that person or think about them, mentally repeat: "The part of me that lies, manipulates and deceives, I no longer want to experience through this relationship."

I know that it is an extremely radical exercise, however, I guarantee you that behind its radicality there is enormous freedom. Because there is no greater freedom than full responsibility for each experience and relationship we live.

There is no one to blame and remember that every time you blame and point fingers at another you are losing the opportunity to learn about yourself.

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