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The mind must be at the service of your purpose.

The word mantra means mind and wave. This means that by repeating a sound with a specific vibration we generate a wave in the brain that becomes a mental wave-frequency which, in turn, will activate a specific chemical in the brain and therefore in your body. Mantras are used and increasingly studied by science because they affect health in a very positive way. Starting with the vagus nerve, the nervous system, stress regulation, sleep and metabolism.

The mind, we say in the Kundalini Yoga tradition, was given to us as a very powerful tool to serve the soul. That is, the mind should be in service to your purpose, however, most people, if they lack a meditation practice, will constantly be in service to their thinking, reacting to what they think.

Learning to direct the mind in favor of building a healthier and more joyful life is one of the main goals of Kundalini Yoga, the primordial sound meditation taught by Deepak Chopra, Vipasana, Mindfulness, Tibetan Buddhism, reciting the Psalms, praying the Rosary. All are practices that place your mind in a specific wave-frequency that allows you to use it in the direction that can best serve the consolidation of the life you want to build for yourself.

I invite you to stop for a moment as you read these words, and observe your mind, observe your thoughts. The first step to begin a practice of meditation or discipline to the mind.

If you consciously begin to observe what you are thinking and begin to listen to your mind you will realize that most of the time we waste it ruminating the same thoughts, it is like having a computer stuck on the same page, you never explore the infinite potential it has. An undisciplined mind is a repetitive mind and therefore creates a lethargy in the chemistry of your brain and the vitality of your body.

An awakened mind is a directed, purposeful, alert, creative mind that generates a very beneficial chemistry for the body and therefore for the emotional experience.

It all starts with learning to discipline our thoughts, in fact all you need is attention. You don't need to go to a gym, or pay for any club. At any time, in any situation you can stop to observe what you are thinking and redirect the thought, change the wave-frequency of the mind.

We are masters of our thoughts, the free will is in deciding how to take advantage of the enormous gift that was given to us. It is not in belittling the function that the mind has, nor wanting to silence it, that does not make sense. The mind is made to think, to project and generate specific chemicals in your brain that have a beneficial impact on your life experience.

The good news is that you can start today and now. You will understand that your thoughts are mantras, waves, frequencies that impact all areas of your life. Use your mind in favor of a life you enjoy living.

The note
Sat Nam (mantra meaning: Sat-truth Nam-identity).
It refers to your true essence, beyond your thoughts. From this space of my Sat Nam I salute the part of you that is Sat Na. You can also use this mantra to change your mind when you can't get out of an obsessive thought. Inhale think Sat, exhale, think Nam for 3,7,11,31, minutes, whatever you need.

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