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The importance of cultivating inner peace

Never before has talk of inner peace been as relevant as it is today. A concept that often seems abstract to us, nowadays acquires enormous relevance. To speak of inner peace is to cultivate a personal state that allows you to feel empathy, compassion, stability, emotional sovereignty. It is also known as the meditative mind or mind of the yogi and is the possibility of remaining in neutrality, beyond opposites, outside the exhausting game of duality and polarity. Stable amidst the turbulence of everyday life.

This in no way means that we are oblivious to suffering or that we become indifferent to the horrors that reality throws at us on a daily basis. On the contrary, cultivating a state of emotional harmony and mental clarity allows you to be able to face challenges with more patience, tolerance, compassion, for yourself and for those around you.

What good can anger do to anger? No use

On the contrary, an inner state that allows you to be an agent of peace in the world becomes an act of social responsibility of enormous importance today. What is the point of swearing, honking your horn, fighting with your spouse, grumbling on the sidewalk in a world where destruction and suffering are our daily bread? What is the point of adding more pain, more anger, more suffering?

On the contrary, kindness, a warm gesture, a smile, a good mood, can today become a powerful medicine. Let's start with ourselves and all that we know that a smile does to your brain and therefore to your body, let's start by being aware of the healing or poisonous power of our thoughts, let's start by understanding that to be well we must begin by cultivating this state of inner peace in ourselves.

We cannot remain angry thinking that our anger does something to someone else, beyond your kidneys, your digestion, your sleep quality. Rage, anger tastes bad only to those who carry it with them. In the same way, feelings such as empathy, gratitude, compassion, laughter, generate very positive effects for your health. We all have something to be grateful for, no matter how small, and even in the midst of the worst adversity, there is always something to be grateful for, and gratitude is a very powerful antidote to pain.

With a state of inner peace and well-being we can positively impact our environment. When a person feels good about themselves, and carries with them a state of peace and tranquility or love and joy, they generate a frequency around them that makes those around them immediately feel better as well. "Become the medicine" means that you get your simple presence to generate well-being in the people around you.

Look at the world and feel for a moment how much it matters that you are well in you, that your integral well-being more than ever is a social commitment not to be taken lightly.

So when you are about to react with violence, to shout, to attack, to add pain to pain; remember that your words matter, that your frequency affects the people around you, that your thoughts generate a chemistry in your body that can make you sick or make you feel good and better stop, breathe, take charge of your emotion and like a hero of everyday life: choose peace.

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