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Updated: Apr 21, 2021

¿Have you had a clear idea and after 24 hours have you thought that the most logical is exactly the opposite? ¿Have you woken up feeling firm convictions that at six in the afternoon you see the sun vanish like ice cream in the sun? Convinced of what you want to say and as you sit down at the agreed coffee table, your words slip from your mouth and you have no choice but to think ¿“what the hell are you saying”?

Well, I do, and if this happens to you too, then this space is for you because if all my contradictions fit in here, yours also fit.

If you have felt that it is difficult to define yourself, express yourself or be understood, I invite you to sit in the anteroom of these words to tell you that here you are welcome in a suit and tie, even though the feathers of your shaman outfit peek underneath; that you're welcome in your business shoes and extravagant sequins. Because that has been the path of my life, the path of finding myself at the center of all my contradictions.

It has not been easy, on the contrary, i have had a lot of dilemmas, sadness, confusion and headaches.

When people ask me in amazement why I have studied so many things, I can only humbly answer that I am an eternal student and that I am as interested in one thing as the other and that I have learned all of them with the same interest and passion, although not all have anything to do with each other.

Those who know me have seen me being a poet, they have seen me in the world of socialites (with resounding failure), they know me in silence and with a turban and also at some stage they saw me singing ranchero songs at the top of my lungs in some karaoke. I have worked in politics, I have shaved my head to meet a Swami in India and I like both silence and good conversation.

I grew up with hurt self-esteem, confused and convinced that I would never find the truth in my voice. I grew up admiring the most linear, defined people, those who since we left high school knew what to do and continue to do it.

My path has been one of curves, contradictions, luminous landscapes and horrible abysses of pain. My path has been to embrace and empty myself of all versions of myself.

Give explanations, apologize, consolidate dreams that ended in divorce.

So I got to the doors of these lines, recognizing that I am 100% Human Made, that I am full of holes through which the light seeps and with many stories that I have had to heal, cry and forgive to turn them into experiences that can. serve others.

If the same thing happens to you, if in the morning your eyes fill with tears and at night you are laughing as if there is no tomorrow, then I invite you to make together the most interesting, entertaining and beautiful trip you can do: the trip to the recognition of your soul, that space, which, despite storms, sunny days, incongruous words or setbacks, never moves. A place where, once you know the way, you can always return to find a single truth: Sat Nam, So Ham, I Am, I am. The immovable and transcendent transparency of your soul.

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