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The path of the luminous beings, first steps: Evolving Yoga Studies and Teacher Training 2022

Yoga and Tantric philosophy present a positive and enhancing way of living life. This is why this course, above all, offers you an opportunity to evolve consciously and allowing the divine qualities within yourself to be what drive your day to day. The Sanskrit term “devi” – “deva”, goddess and god respectively, means “luminous being” and it refers to the supreme beings who shine with an inconceivable brightness. The path of the luminous beings is a course on deep yoga studies and Tantric philosophy that promises to return back to you the capacity of being this kind of Light channel here & now in the world.

Reduced group, only 12 spots available.

200 hours program on evolution, applied philosophy, physical practice, meditation, conscious breathing, sacred chants, healthy lifestyle, art of teaching.

Yoga Alliance 200-RYT


January  15 - November 27 2022


200 Hours

12 spots.

Ancla 1



  • Ten in-studio weekends. (130 hours)

  • Twenty five online classes, on Thursdays* from 18:00 to 20:00. (50 hours). *except:  on Thursdays previous to the in-studio weekends.

  • Written papers and written exam. (20 hours)

  • Committed personal practice: 30 min. meditation daily + 30 min. yoga asana daily + attendance to a weekly public yoga class.

  • Practicum.

Previous Yoga or tantric philosophy knowledge is not required, but we strongly recommend that you have practiced yoga for at least one year before enrolling on this fascinating adventure.

The attendance to all classes, in-person and virtual, is mandatory.

You will have weekly homework, required readings, written papers and self-assessment exercises, as well as a theory and practical evaluation.



From January 15th to November 27th 2022.

  • 15,16 January

  • 12,13 February

  • 12, 13 March

  • 9, 10 April

  • 7, 8 May

  • 4, 5 June

  • 10, 11 September

  • 1, 2 October

  • 29, 30 October 

  • 26, 27 November



  • Spirituality in the XXI century.

  • Philosophical foundations of Yoga and Tantra.

  • Historic timeline.

  • Basic Sanskrit and the right use of Sanskrit terms in class.

  • Foundational texts: Yoga Sutra and Bhagavad Gita.

  • Your personal practice.

  • Conscious breathing and the elemental principles of pranayama.

  • The pranic system.

  • Diving gently into meditation.

  • Elements of nature and layers of reality: koshas and mahabhutas.

  • The tantric map of the human body: the chakra system.

  • Sacred sounds: mantra.

  • Ayurveda and a life in harmony with nature.

  • The art of teaching.

  • The seat of the teacher.

  • Structure, components and composition of a class.

  • How to teach a super class.

  • Effective and creative sequencing.

  • Language.

  • Finding your own voice.

  • Alignment, classification and deep experience of the asanas.

  • Asana Syllabus Level 1.

  • Basic anatomy.

  • Use of props.

  • Manual assisting.

  • Therapeutic aspects of yoga.

  • Basics of kids yoga, prenatal and private sessions.

Formación profesores 200H EN.jpg



The full price for the course is 3500€, VAT included.

  • If you reserve your spot before October 30th, you will receive a 400€ discount and reservations before December 1st have a 200€ discount.

  • Reservations require an enrollment payment of 500€. Option of Splitting the total payment of the course subject to conditions.



  • Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30 to 13:00 and from 13:45 to 15:45. 

  • Thursdays from 18:00 to 20:00.


After finalizing the course, in the case that you have completed all the components of the program and if you feel that it is the time to start sharing yoga with other people, you will be able to register with the international organization Yoga Alliance® as a 200-RYT in Hatha Yoga or a registered teacher in the 200-hours category and in the Hatha Yoga style. This process you will do on your own and I can guide you on how to do it.

The path of the luminous beings is one of the most enriching experiences for the individual as well as for the world. Namaste!

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