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Rosario Calvo, is a holistic therapist who seeks to help people cultivate a life of self-care by integrating different tools such as naturopathy, flower essences, kundalini yoga, gestalt therapy, tantric numerology, conscious and healthy eating. With more than 15 years of experience as a floral therapist, today she is one of the few professionals who works with a combination of different systems, including: bach, FES, Mediterranean flowers, dawn flowers, bush, elidyn.

Rosario believes that each system provides different information and energy, so the combination of these tools allows a much deeper approach allowing not only to treat present and conscious emotions but also to work with cellular and ancestral memory that allow to do a holistic and evolutionary conscious work in which the client is the protagonist of his transformation process.

An adequate diet is essential since it allows our nervous system to function properly and prevent physical, mental and emotional diseases; hence the importance of taking care of our habits and understanding the factors that govern our emotions and thoughts.

She performs a bionutritional and a nutriemotional questionnaire to identify not only the physical needs or deficiencies but also the habits, patterns and emotions that are often the real protagonists when it comes to wanting to make changes in this matter and improve the state of health.Discovering the emotional relationship with food and the emotional sense of physical symptoms or illnesses allow us to get to know ourselves so that we can make profound and lasting changes.

Don´t miss the opportunity to give your life a change and enjoy it consciously! Find Rosario on her social networks:

You will love her too.

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