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Psicoyoga is a project created by Tatiana Ferrari; a clinic psychologist and yoga teacher.

From her own experience as a patient and student, she realized that she always managed to work on some aspect with the emotion or the body; however, she always had the feeling that one thing lacked the other.

This is why she decided to start her own project by uniting these two tools, therapy and yoga, to offer the patient a space where they can work on an emotional and physical level, adapting to their needs, seeking balance and well-being. She uses communication as an expression of emotional states and thoughts along with yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation.

Bringing these tools together in the sessions has allowed the patient to open up so that they can feel a space of trust, facilitating openness and reducing resistance, allowing for a feeling of lightness and relaxation at the end of the session.

For Tatiana we find ourselves in a moment of important evolution and transformation where we have to work with the emotional and the corporal since more than ever people somatize their emotions. Getting out of cognitive and emotional problems is almost impossible only using the mind and rationalization, it is necessary that we observe and work with the body that guides us to have a better knowledge of ourselves.

She works with children, adolescents, families and is specialized in working with children and adolescents with special needs. Their sessions can be in Spanish and English.

You will love her too! Find her on her website:

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