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There you will find Coco and Aina, two women passionate about their work, both are tea sommeliers and seek to share this wonderful world with customers and visitors.

With dedication and enthusiasm they are dedicated to sharing the different types of tea that exist, their benefits and how to prepare them correctly to have an extraordinary experience.

In addition to attending the store you can make a tasting where they make a trip back in time that allows you to know the history of tea, you will make a tasting to be able to differentiate flavors and also learn the correct preparation of it with the necessary utensils. Likewise, they offer stand service at events for sale, tasting, publicizing the benefits and all the tips for proper preparation!

Integrating tea into your life offers many benefits on your mental and physical health. It is a drink that has been used medicinally and gustatory for millennia. In China, since the Buddhist tradition, tea has always played an important role. Buddhist monks are used to drinking tea to keep their minds clear and in a calm state. This is because it contains L-theanine, a very valuable substance because it can stimulate the activity of alpha waves in the brain. When we are calm and relaxed we emit those waves which allows us to be clear, alert and active, improves concentration and increases creativity.

For this summer know the benefits of cold tea, prepared directly in cold and with bulk tea that you can get in the Boutique. Cold tea contains less theine, more antioxidant molecules, more vitamin C, and more L-theanine. The best option for the heat! Learn how to prepare it on their website: El té frío – La Boutique del Té (

Do not miss the opportunity to add this drink to your life and what better place to find the most suitable option for you. Follow them on their social networks: La Boutique del Té(@laboutiquedelte) and be sure to visit this magical place in the heart of Palma. You Will Love It Too!

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