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We Love Cloe Collette, a passionate and inspiring woman who is dedicated to the creation of unique mandalas. Her curiosity for this ancient arte arose eleven years ago on a trip to Nepal where she found these wonders to protect from negative energies and promote positive vibrations.

During her trip she had the opportunity to create her first mandala and since then she has dedicated much of her life to this.

A mandala is a portal of energy, which through its specific patterns generates the healing and expansion of the heart.

Cloe works in a very personal way with each client projecting a clear intention that serves to create peace, prosperity, hope and harmony.

Knowing the person allows her to put a specific purpose, selecting colors and shapes, which make each piece unique and magical. Each mandala is made with natural, ecological and sustainable materials from the island of Mallorca and other parts of the world. For her it is very important to support the community of sheep and rowers of the island, since she knows it is very valuable and hard work.

She also conducts group or individual workshops so you can perform your own mandala while she accompanies you in the process.

It is scientifically proven that mandalas help expand feelings of harmony, awareness and compassion thanks to the visual effect that is generated in the brain, when you have a personalized mandala the patterns and colors help generate these sensations in you and your space.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with her through social networks and website to get your personal Mandala.

You will Love her too!

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