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Become the hero of your story

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

To find the light we must go through our own darkness.

I would love to tell you something different, to propose that the path to discovery in yourself is easy and flowery, but it is not. We already have the literature to confirm again and again that the hero's journey is always accompanied by enormous challenges. There is Ulysses who before returning to Ithaca had to overcome monsters and storms. Or Dante, who, in order to meet his beloved in heaven, had to first descend into hell. The same happens in the Houses of Santa Teresa, who warns us that for the soul to meet its beloved, it is essential to go through the Nine Houses.

My own path has also been like this, you cannot imagine how many times I have cried doing a Kundalini Yoga practice, a Family Constellation or a Craniosacral Therapy on my body. My learning has been my own path, everything I offer in my work I have tested on myself.

Recognizing my own shadows, my demons, my abysses is what has allowed me today to live being the person I enjoy being.

I am not saying that the thorns have disappeared, the truth is that my waves are bearable and that I have the inner tools to lovingly deal with the changes of tide.

I also assure you that this is the most interesting trip you can do, it is what makes you the true hero of your story. No journey will take you to the exploration and expansion of the inner landscapes as much as the journey of inner transformation.

Surely you are wondering: ¿and how do I start?

The first thing you need to do is recognize that perhaps there are aspects of your life or your personality that are holding back your personal growth.

¿Do you wake up many mornings with a hole in your stomach? ¿Do you feel lack of energy, lack of motivation to do things? ¿Have you told yourself "this is the last time I do it" and you keep doing it? ¿Do you recognize that there are relationships that bring out the worst part of you? ¿That your actions have no sense of transcendence?

If some of these answers are yes, you are ready to go on the journey.

The only requirements are patience, a lot of perseverance and above all, love and compassion for yourself at each stage of the way.

I invite you to start today with a simple exercise:

Find a secluded place where you feel safe enough to allow yourself to feel and observe your emotions and thoughts. Bring a pen and paper and in all honesty write down the things that you no longer want to live. Do not try to make a "good writing" on the contrary, allow your interior to express itself freely, even if they seem messy or incoherent ideas, you will know a lot about yourself by practicing these writing exercises. Just turn on the tap inside you and let everything run out.

You will be surprised to begin to listen to everything that you carry inside, through the healing power of writing. And please, do not judge yourself, the judgment limits you and closes you.

I highly recommend that you make this practice a habit and shamelessly express what no longer has a place in you. No one is obliged to continue carrying what hurts him, you just have to learn how to release it.

Recognizing is the first step.

Write, breathe and love yourself very much for recognizing it, for daring to take the first step in this adventure of personal fulfillment.

Courage, you are not alone, there are many of us who have dared to make this inner journey and for none of us it has been an easy path, however, the you that awaits you on the other side of the journey will surprise you very happily.

I will be commenting on some steps and tips from my own experience.

Any questions you can always find me at:

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