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School of Consciousness


A place that

enliven the senses.

Today more than ever we are convinced of the enormous need to create spaces for reflection and practice around consciousness; spaces where each individual can explore their own human potential and develop to the fullest. If we want to see a social change, which is urgent, we must start with each one of us. The collectivity is the sum of individuals. To create a more conscious society, we want to help train more conscious individuals.
That is why we have the best team of professionals, committed, each one from their area and discipline, to serve with their work in favor of human consciousness.
We feel fortunate to be the first school of consciousness in Palma de Mallorca, a city that, due to its long tradition around knowledge and human nature, deserves to have in the heart of the city a School of Consciousness such as Sadhana Works. 

Do not hesitate and come be an active part of a conscious society.


Yoga Classes

Constant practice helps us break old patterns of thought and emotions that limit the development of our maximum human potential, in addition to strengthening the physical body and has enormous benefits in the overall health of the body. Classes are taught by great professionals, dedicated to sharing their knowledge to help you reach your full potential.

  • Kundalini Yoga 

  • Vinyasa Flow

  • Hatha Flow 

  • Hatha Bow Flow

  • Bowspring  

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Craniosacral Therapy

It is a subtle body therapy that works with the emotional memory of the body at the same time that it helps to reestablish the optimal functioning of our central nervous system since it works directly on the habitat in which this system develops.

A deeper understanding of our patterns of physical and emotional stress. Mariana Salinas studied this therapy as a complement to her training as a psychotherapist, since in her own experience it is only through body work that we can learn about old patterns of the unconscious.


Individual Family Constelations

This is the third pillar that complements the holistic approach that Mariana Salinas takes to recover our emotional health. Family Constellations are the tool she uses to detect emotional behaviors or habits derived from unresolved issues with our Family System. Thus, having psychotherapy as common ground, Mariana Salinas makes use of these tools to accompany us to unravel our stories, release our mental and emotional patterns and re-lead us to the experience of a healthier life, full, useful and happy.

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1 to 1 Sessions

With this therapy we can reach your home, wherever you are. Mariana Salinas makes use of technology and her expertise as a therapist to accompany you wherever you are in processing current difficulties and designing a short-term vision of the future with greater clarity and less emotional noise.


Creative Writing

"You are what you tell yourself".
Mariana Salinas completed a Doctorate in Modern Letters with the dissertation that exists between language and construction. Convinced that we are narrators of our own history and that what we tell ourselves defines who we are, Mariana proposes a workshop in which to review the narratives you make of yourself and how they define your behaviors. In doing so, you will realize that if everything is language and that we can re-write the identities of what we think we are.

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Women Group

"No more mothers on the brink of nervous attack"
In times of such emotional demand we must create spaces of support and containment. This is a group designed for women who are mothers and are struggling to lead their personal lives while emotionally supporting their children and families. Mariana will guide you with a series of exercises and dynamics to fill you with energy and power
cope optimally with the challenges of modern motherhood.