SEPT 16 2021  |  h19:30 o h20:30 o h21:30

La nit de l‘art vibrating at Sadhana Works

"Open-air concert in three half-hour sessions, two pianos and electronic music" with Joan Valent, Joan Martorell and Tolo Prats

We join this wonderful celebration of Art and Culture to share music as an expression of the heart.
  • Limited capacity. Registration prior to each of the 3 sessions at www.sadhana.works (€ 10 each session)
  • ​Place: Callejón Sadhana Works - Carrer de Sant Feliu, Palma de Mallorca

SEPT 16 2021

Don't miss this amazing conference with Nazareth Castellanos!

Find out what happens in our brain when we meditate and how this activity will improve your life.
Neurociencia de la meditación STORY.png

SEPT 17-20 2021

Release" Retreat with Mariana Salinas, Gemma Bes and Sangeet Joti.

After summer it is always a very good time to prepare for the change of season.
This is a three-night, four-day retreat to detoxify your body and your emotions in order to be ready for the arrival of autumn, the season when we change our inner movements.
We invite you to participate in this retreat, in an idyllic place with Kundalini Yoga practices, contact with nature and first-class food that helps cleanse your body and balance your mind.

SEPT 21 2021  |  h.18:30 - h.19:30

Healing circle and Gong Sound sesion of  Full Moon and Autumn equinox with Maria Salinas

Monthly meeting of union, connection and healing open to all people who want to share an hour of group meditation, this time with the Autumn Equinox 2021.
  • Prior registration with donation offer for the Sadhana Works Global Welfare social project www.sadhana.works (€ 7, € 14, € 21)
  • Place: Sadhana Works - Palma de Mallorca
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Constellations Story.jpg

SEPT 25-26 2021

Family Constellations

with Jose Antonio Moure "understanding the orders of love and the movements of the soul"

A phenomenological and systemic methodology created by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist, with studies in philosophy, pedagogy and theology, which has enriched the therapeutic landscape based on the understanding of the orders of love and the movements of the soul.

Registrations before August 31st, 2021:
  • 1 day: Saturday or Sunday: € 95 per person
  • 2 days: Saturday and Sunday: € 165 per person
Registrations in September 2021 until full capacity:
  • 1 day: Saturday or Sunday: € 110 per person
  • 2 days: Saturday and Sunday: € 200 per person
Place: Sadhana Works - Palma de Mallorca​